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Lustrous Coconut Goodness Cold-Pressed Virgin COCONUT OIL

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Produced from the best Ghanaian Coconuts, 100% pure without preservatives, this Lustrous Coconut Goodness has been tried tested and is promised to live up to its name.

  • Rich, cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil.
  • Promotes glowing skin, softens and promotes hair and beard growth.
  • Penetrates hair and skin better than many oils making it an excellent moisturiser.
  • Natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial therefore a natural remedy for infections like thrush.
  • Natural aroma of fresh coconuts
  • Safe for use on babies

Available in convenient packaging:120ml applicator, 250ml disc and the 500ml pump bottles.

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* * * For my baby, I have used several coconut oil brands that promised to be 100% natural but he always ended up reacting. I'd almost given up when I came across JNSQ naturals Coconut Goodness. I tested with the smaller, 120ml applicator bottle with some scepticism. Loved it so much for my baby that I hurriedly ordered the bigger 500ml bottle and so far, the reactions are clearing his skin is softer and smoother. Thank you JNSQ naturals!" --- Jenchat

* * * Currently using the Shea Goodness shea butter and the Coconut Goodness coconut oil on my skin. Loving the results so far! --- Maryam Amaka

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