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Adjustable Double-lined SATIN SILK HAIR BONNET

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N1 500.00
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This super comfy, soft, trendy satin silk hair bonnet is perfect for protecting the hair and hairstyles overnight.

  • Versatile; ADJUSTABLE and DOUBLE-SIDED; can be worn on any head size; can be worn as either plain or patterned
  • Comfortable to sleep in; does not press on the temples
  • Supports natural hair moisture retention & keeps hair styles in place
  • Of two sizes; mini and jumbo (perfect for large hairstyles)
  • Ideal for braids, weaves, twist-outs, braid-outs, big hair (afros) and the likes

A JNSQnaturals product.

Material: Satin Silk

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* * * I love love the silky fabric of the bonnet because it is gentle and has a soft feel to it. I like that this product is functional (the adjustable draw strings) and I particularly love the jumbo size as it is spacious and accommodates every hairstyle. --- Ayeesha

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