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Quick question ladies. Are you active, lazy or busy naturals? Raise your hands so we know ourselves ?

Tbh, I could be all three depending on my state of mind or the situation. Sometimes life gets super busy and other times, we might not just be in the mood. In such instances, quick fixes like my 5 minute moisture routine come in handy.

Although I would never substitute this technique for my regular LOC moisturising routine – and neither should you – this  method is ideal for when I’m on the go or pressed for time. It’s also my go to mid-week rehydration routine, especially when I’m wearing loose styles like wash n gos or twist-outs that need a quick refresh.


I wouldn’t substitute this technique for my regular
LOC moisture routine – neither should you –
this method is ideal for when I’m on the go or
pressed for time.


What You Need for your Quick Moisture Mix
Easy peasy. All you’ll need is a spray bottle, lukewarm water, your favourite leave-in conditioner and your preferred hair oil. Put them all in spray bottle and mix by vigorously shaking bottle.

Apply some warm water to hydrate hair strands, then using the praying hands method, work in the water thoroughly, and then do the same with the moisture mix.

Watch video to see how I apply the mix to my hair using the prayer-hand method.



The Praying Hands / Prayer Hand Method – What is it?
This hair care technique simply involves rubbing the product – in this case the moisture mix – in between your hands such that you get an even amount on both hands, then taking a small section of your hair and forming praying hands ??  around your hair to smooth the product down your strands from root to end (as demonstrated below).

The prayer hand method can also be used for wash and go styles to enhance curls and definition – as an alternative to raking or shingling

Why Praying Hands is Perfect for When You’re On-The-Go 
This method works so well for me because it:

Ensures thorough saturation and even distribution of 1) the warm water 2) the product

Eliminates Sectioning and Speeds up Moisturising Process
Sectioning can be tedious and the praying hands method eliminates the need to moisturise in different sections. With this method, I would moisturise my hair in just 2 halves. It also cuts down my regular LOC moisturisation steps from 3 to just 1-2 steps.

♦ is Easy, Effective and Aids Quick Absorption
As shown in the video, this technique allows both halves of my hair to easily – and if done correctly – effectively absorb and retain the moisture mix.



Although I don’t use this method all the time, it is nice to know that there’s an effective option for those busy or lazy days ?


❀ L O V E & L I G H T ❀

xXo Amal

3 Comments on Moisturise Dry Hair In 5 Minutes – For Busy/Lazy Naturals *Praying Hands Method*

  1. Jenn
    July 7, 2020 at 1:38 pm (2 years ago)

    I’ve been looking for a post like this! I just learned the praying hands method!

  2. Karisha
    July 7, 2020 at 1:29 pm (2 years ago)

    This is very helpful. I never knew about the praying hands method.. I am a very lazy natural, but this helps me get my life together. Thank you

  3. Jewel
    July 7, 2020 at 1:18 pm (2 years ago)

    I love a quick refresh with a LOC method. I’ve never tried praying hands though. I usually just brush through with a Denman brush. I’ll definitely be trying this. Great read.


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