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Hello wonderful people. My name is Sameera and I am a natural hair enthusiast who is 8 months post big chop, currently rocking a cute teeny-weeny afro (TWA).
I am somewhat of a low maintenance chic, especially when it comes to my hair, so having a TWA just provided me the luxury of being able to rock a cute style that fits my face, with little styling or manipulation.

Hair type: 4b
Natural hair enthusiast & DIY Queen 🙂

My Honey Discovery
The problem I have always had with my hair is dryness and breakage, which I have tried to prevent using many different hair products. These products helped me marginally to fix my problems, but they were never fully solved as my hair would get dry within a day. So, I turned to my kitchen cabinet after seeing some online articles about the benefits of natural products which can be easily found in our kitchens like apple cider vinegar, yogurt, eggs, olive oil, etc. After some failed experiments resulting in hard crunchy hair due to weird ingredient combinations along with my tendency to overdo things, I found the holy grail… Honey!

Interesting Facts About Honey
Honey has been documented to be used about 8000 years ago by the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks and Romans for culinary, medicinal and aesthetic uses. Hippocrates, the Greek physician, prescribed honey not only as a medicinal remedy, but also to treat hair problems like baldness and dandruff.

Legend has it that the famous queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, took milk and honey baths regularly to keep her skin soft, beautiful and youthful.

Honey is a very good emollient/humectant meaning that it seals moisture into the hair to keep it well conditioned and reduce breakage, which makes hair grow longer. It contains antioxidants which prevent damage and strengthen hair follicles to reduce hair fall.

I can say without a doubt that honey has benefited my hair greatly since I started adding it to my hair care regimen.

Products that contain honey
There are great products that use honey as the main ingredients including the Camille Rose Naturals Honey Hydrate Leave-in, which has many great reviews online. If you are a DIY queen, you can try the Honey Butter Balm Recipeas a moisturiser or a simple Honey and Olive oil hair mask I sometimes do in place of a deep conditioning treatment.

My recipes are detailed below and the quantities can be adjusted for the amount of hair that needs to be covered:

1. Honey + Olive Oil Mask Recipe
Honey – 1 tablespoon
Olive oil – 4 tablespoons

1. Put olive oil in a container
2. Add honey
3. Mix together till the mixture is smooth
4. After shampooing hair, add mixture to hair in sections
5. Put hair under a plastic cap for an hour
6. Rinse hair and proceed to add leave in products

2. Honey + Deep Conditioner/Leave-in Conditioner
Honey – ½ a tablespoon
Deep /Leave-in Conditioner – 1 tablespoon

1. Put deep/leave-in conditioner in a container
2. Add honey
3. Mix together till the mixture is smooth
4. Add to hair in sections.

My Hair After Using Honey
I have found that what works best for me is to mix my deep conditioner with honey before applying it to my hair and letting it sit under a plastic cap for 45 minutes to an hour. After rinsing my hair, I also add honey to my leave in conditioner which I would use to moisturise my hair in the LCO method before twisting my hair. I have found that not only do my twists come out very nicely defined when I loosen them, but also my hair stays soft and moisturised for up to 5 days before my hair needs to be moisturised again.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and please let me know in the comments below what you think about honey in hair products and if you have tried using honey before. Also, when you try the recipes, please let me know how using honey has impacted your hair. Thanks for reading and check out the previous post on the Up do Series: The Sleek Low Bun for a quick 10-minute hairstyle.

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xoxo Sam-Meera

2 Comments on Honey & Its Many Benefits for Hair

  1. Carr .L.
    November 12, 2018 at 6:49 pm (4 years ago)

    I used to be obsessed with honey for my type 3 hair.
    This only reminded me of why I love it, will be trying out one of these recipes soon ?

    • Amal Auma
      August 22, 2019 at 10:01 pm (3 years ago)

      Honey when used right, is amazing! x


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