JNSQ – Je Ne Sais Quoi 

Je ne sais quoi (Jnsq) is French for ‘I don’t know what’. In fashion, it’s a term used to describe a look that has that ‘thing’ about it, a quality that cannot be described or named easily, one that was effortlessly put together but still turned out flawless..

I recall when I finally came up with this blog name. I’d been brainstorming – with my ever supportive sisters – on the perfect, most suitable name for my (then upcoming) blog. We’d come up with stuff like:

  •  ‘excuse my fashion’ … too lame
  • ‘a la mode’ … nah too cliché
  • ‘excusez mon francais’ … lol what rubbish?! (excusez mon francais is french for excuse my french. I am obsessed with the language can you tell?)
  • ‘fashion fetish’ … well, too mainstream
  • ‘style turn’ … uhm wyd b?

I wanted something rad and versatile but none of these names were ‘IT’ enough for me.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks after our blog-name-brainstorm-session, on a cold night in early 2015 (yes it’s been that many years ago). I was on the train, en route Mill Hill from Knightsbridge. After a long day from my short-term styling job at Ted Baker London, from my bag I fetched this book (Paris Street Style: A Guide to Effortless Chic) that I had purchased from Urban Outfitters and had been longing to read but never managed to get to it.

I flipped through to page one and there it was! First line..the french phrase that I’d heard and come across time and time again ‘…je ne sais quois…’. I smiled and at that precise moment, I knew exactly what I wanted. Now I couldn’t wait to share the news with my sissys!


that-JNSQ represents…effortless flawlessness!

A gracious woman of class, who knows what she wants and goes for it is effortlessly flawless.

Pursuing your passion irrespective of and unbothered by what society dictates as the norm makes you effortlessly flawless..

Having big, seemingly impossible to achieve dreams and ambitions, and taking steps – no matter how little – towards achieving them. Your are effortlessly flawless.

In short, believing in yourself and your abilities and mentally pushing yourself to continuously self-motivate (one of the most difficult things ever), makes you effortlessly flawless!

I have always been one who enjoys writing so finally, 3 long years after coming up with a name for this blog, after dealing with self-doubt, mad-ass procrastination, after forcing myself to stop waiting till it felt ‘PERFECT’ (being a perfectionist by nature is exhausting tbh), after continually asserting to myself that this is what you were made for and it would be worth it in the end.

Also, after paying attention to the direction the universe constantly drew me towards, after taking A LOT of time out to single-handedly design, re-arrange & tailor stuff to suit my website vision, taking time to come up with creative graphics, to learn more about photography, photo editing, designing and integrating the site with a store page…whew! After all of this and more, I present to you that-jnsq.com – what I now call my BABY – (sorry Y ☺).

I am excited to be finally sharing this with the world and truly hope it serves its purpose of being both informative and entertaining to my readers.

Thank you for dropping by!



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GUEST POST(under BLOG)  Just as it says, I invite interested writers to write stellar content on topics relevant to this blog. This provides them an opportunity to get their work out there and also provides fresh ideas, opinions and perspectives to my blog.

STORE   As a growing entrepreneur, I obviously had to include the store aspect to my          website. It is a mini store where you are able to view and purchase products from my current brands:   JNSQnaturals (a 100% natural hair and skin care brand) & AMALARI Nigeria (a menswear – to eventually include womenswear – brand).

Be sure to check it out and support your girl 😉


 ❀  E N J O Y  &  S T A Y  B L E S S E D ❀

xXo Amal